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The Lancet, 12/04/1913

Review of T. E. Peet, <i>Rough Stone Monuments and their Builders</i> (London: Harper and Brothers, 1912) in <i>The Lancet</i>, 12/04/1913.

Newspaper not known, 12/02/1935

“A memorial to Professor Peet” by Walter B. Emery (letter of support to the creation of the fellowship) in newspaper not known, 12/02/1935 (date on letter; date of publication not known).

Certificate 6

Certificate of Matriculation at the University of Oxford for T. E. Peet; Oxford, 15/10/1901.

Rome, 29/07/1907

Postcard from T. E. Peet to Lawrence W. Grensted. Rome, 29/07/1907. Impressions of Italy, Italian opera, art; reference to his work on Neolithic Italy.

Rome, 08/06/1908

Letter from T. E. Peet to Lawrence W. Grensted. Rome, 08/06/1908 (envelope: 14/06/1908). Impressions of Italy; reference to flint work.

Syracuse, 14/06/1908(?)

Letter from T. E. Peet to Lawrence W. Grensted. Syracuse, 14/06/1908(?) (probably belongs with envelope: Rome, 23/06/08 <Peet mentions that he intends to reach Rome at the end of July and stay there until the end of September; this letter could then have been sent from Rome>). General impressions of Syracuse, Italy and Greece; references to literature (Shakespeare and Victor Hugo).

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