Černý, Jaroslav

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Černý, Jaroslav

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  • Cerny, Jaro

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Czech Egyptologist. Born, Plzeň 1898. Died, Oxford 1970.
Son of Antonín Černý (1861-?) and Anna Černá, née Navrátilová (1866-?). Educated at elementary school (1904-1909) and state grammar school (gymnasium) in Plzeň (1909-1917). Studied at Charles University, Prague (1917-1922, matriculated for winter semester 1917/1918, doctoral degree awarded 1922 (see https://is.cuni.cz/webapps/archiv/public/book/bo/1542020090975492/147/?lang=en). Employed as clerk in the Živnobanka central branch in Prague (1919-1927). Associated with the IFAO from 1925 as visiting scholar, later member of expedition to Deir el-Medina. Awarded scholarship to study hieratic ostraca in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Sponsored by T. G. Masaryk, P. Petschek and Orientální ústav, Prague. Secretary of the Orientální ústav from 1929. Worked with Sir A. Gardiner on ostraca from different European collections as well as on hieratic papyri. Formal contract with Gardiner from 1934. Lecturer in Egyptology, Charles University, Prague, 1929-46. Worked in Sinai in the 1930s, resulting in his new edition of Gardiner and Peet, The Inscriptions of Sinai. Excavated at Deir el-Medîna, 1925-1970. Worked as epigrapher in Abydos with A. Calverley and M. Broome.
Affiliated to the Czechoslovak legation in Cairo from 1942, in diplomatic service of the Czechoslovak government-in-exile (London) until 1945.
Appointed Edwards Professor of Egyptology, University College London, 1946-51. Professor of Egyptology, Oxford, 1951-65 (Emeritus, 1965-70). Worked in Nubia recording temple inscriptions at Amada, Gebel el-Shems, and Abû Simbel during the UNESCO campaign.
Initiated and co-organised topographical and epigraphic mapping on the Theban mountain as part of the UNESCO and CEDAE campaign.
Published extensively in the field of Egyptology including publications on palaeography, Ramesside period, social history, religion, and late New Kingdom hieratic inscriptions.
Married Marie Sargant née Hloušková (1899-1991).


Plzeň (1898-1913 resided with family, 1913-1917 with appointed guardians)
Slaný (1913-1919)
Prague (1919-1938 and 1945-1946), permanent residence address, present intermittently. Lived longest at Píseckého 330, Praha-Košíře.
Cairo (1925-1939, study and excavation stays, 1939-1942, exile, 1946-1970, visits). During the 1920s to 1940s, lived in the IFAO.
Luxor, West bank, excavation house at Deir el-Medina (1925-1939)
London (1942-1945, 1946-1951)
Oxford (1951-1970)

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Private scholar (1922-1929), bank employee (1919-1927). As private scholar had a social and cultural role typical for Czechoslovak intelligentsia in the interwar period, including participation in cultural diplomacy.
University lecturer, Charles University in Prague (1929-1939, 1945-1946), contributed to the formation of the Egyptological curriculum in Prague.
Secretary of the Orientální ústav, Prague (1929-1939), active in an administrative role for a research and educational body.
University professor at UC London (1946-1951) and University of Oxford (1951-1965), roles encompassed teaching and research, mentoring of British and international scholars, external examinership (e.g. for the Universities of Cambridge and Liverpool).
Emeritus Professor (1965-1970)
Fellow and Emeritus Fellow of the Queen's College, University of Oxford (1951-1970)

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Antonín Černý ( born 1861, son of Josef Černý, master butcher of Příbram, and of Františka, née Kokešová, from Hořovice) married Anna Navrátilová (born 1866, daughter of Josef Navrátil and of Kateřina Navrátilová, née Bartoňová, both from Záhornice) in 1896. First son Jaroslav born in 1898, second son Miloslav born in 1901, both in Plzeň.
Jaroslav Černý married Marie Sargant née Hloušková (1899-1991) in London in 1951. M. Sargant was divorced wife of Sargant, Thomas (1905–1988), law reformer. Two daughters of T. Sargant, Sargant, Naomi Ellen, Lady McIntosh of Haringey (1933–2006), broadcaster and educationist, and Anne Sargant, m. Allott, specialist in Russian and Burmese, SOAS scholar, became Černý’s stepdaughters.

Contexto general

Crucial member of the seminar for Egyptology at the Charles University in Prague, until 1946. Involved in a systematic study of a major non-royal ancient Egyptian community, Deir el-Medina. Participated in cooperation of Western and Egyptian Egyptologists in the UNESCO and CEDAE missions in Egypt in the 1950s and the 1960s.
Involved in research plans for the Czech Institute of Egyptology, established in 1958, participating at the UNESCO Nubian mission, and re-opened the site of Abusir.
Mentor of an international Egyptological community in London and Oxford. Key networker for British, French, American, German, Egyptian, Danish, and Czechoslovak Egyptologists. Participated in and influenced major Egyptological projects including the Annual Egyptological Bibliography, Topographical Bibliography and International Association of Egyptologists.

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Broome, Myrtle Florence (1888-1978)

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