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Lee, John

  • Persona
  • 1783-1866

Leek, Frank Filce

  • Persona
  • 1903-1985

British dentist and Egyptologist. Born, London 1903. Died, London 1985. Trained as dentist at King's College Hospital Dental School, 1926-30. Spent his whole working life as a dentist. Interest in Egyptology led him to study with V. Seton-Williams at the Institute of Archaeology, London. Worked with the team that examined the mummy of Tutankhamun in 1968. Joined the Manchester Mummy project in 1975. Elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1966.

Lieder, Alice

  • Persona
  • ?-1868
  • See <i>Who Was Who in Egyptology</i> (4th ed. 2012), 332-3 (Rudolph Theophilus Lieder).

Linant de Bellefonds, (<i>Bey</i> and <i>Pasha</i>) Louis Maurice Adolphe

  • Persona
  • 1799-1883

French geographer, explorer, artist, and engineer. Born, Lorient 1799. Died, Cairo 1883. Initially trained with the intention of serving in the Navy, and after passing the necessary exam in 1814, he was sent to help with the charting and surveying of the Canadian and USA coastlines in 1815. He then accompanied A. Come de Forbin on a expedition to the Near East, 1817. This led in 1817 to a opportunity to make maps and drawings in Egypt required for various publications. Whilst in Cairo, he was engaged by Muhammad Ali. Then from 1819-22 he was employed by W. Bankes to accompany him as a draughtsman on several expeditions which ventured as south as Meroe, Musauwarat el-Sofra and Naga, giving him the distinction of being the first European to see these sites. He travelled even further south for the Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior Parts of Africa. Assisted J. F. Champollion in 1828. Published several maps of Egypt. Later he used his skills for the planning of irrigation projects and was heavily involved with the construction of the Suez Canal.

Lucas, Alfred

  • Persona
  • 1867-1945

British chemist. Born, Chorlton-upon-Medlock 1867. Died, Luxor 1945. Educated, School of Mines, London, and the Royal College of Science. Worked for the British Government as an assistant chemist, until ill health prompted a move to Egypt. There he was engaged as an assistant chemist to the Government Salt Department, 1898. He initially managed the Survey Department and Assay Office laboratories, he was then appointed Chemist for the Antiquities Service, 1923-32. Honorary Consulting Chemist, 1932-45. He was able to put his expertise in cleaning, consolidating, and conserving antiquities to good use when he was lent by the Antiquities Service to H. Carter during the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun. He also worked at Tanis with P. M. Montet. Published many books about his work in this field.

Mace, Arthur Cruttenden

  • Persona
  • 1874-1928

British Egyptologist. Born, Glenorchy, Hobart, Tasmania 1874. Died, Haywards Heath, Sussex 1928. Educated, St Edward's School, Oxford, then Keble College, Oxford. BA, 1895. Worked with W. M. F. Petrie at Dendera, Hû, and Abydos, between 1897-1901. Assisted G. A. Reisner on the California University excavations at Gîza, 1901-6. From 1906 onwards, he spent of the rest of his career working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, culminating in the position of Associate Curator in 1922. He founded and directed the first Metropolitan Museum expedition to Egypt. Between 1922-4 he was engaged as an assistant to H. Carter during the early stages of excavating of the tomb of Tutankhamun. He was forced to resign this position due to poor health. He published several books and articles and collaborated with Carter on the first volume of the publication <i>The Tomb of Tut.Ankh.Amen</i> (1923).

Meyer, Eduard

  • Persona
  • 1855-1930

German historian and chronologer. Born, Hamburg 1855. Died, 1930. Trained historian. One of the leading Near Eastern historians of his time. Devised the first modern chronology for ancient Near Eastern civilisations.

Mileham, Geoffrey Spurrell

  • Persona
  • 1884-?

British architect. Educated at Dulwich College. Articled to Charles Henry Money Mileham (1837-1917). AA Schools. Travelled in Italy, Greece and Egypt. Commenced independent practice 1907 in Westminster. In partnership with Wildrid Travers. Published <i>Churches in Lower Nubia</i> (1910).

Milne, Joseph Grafton

  • Persona
  • 1867-1951

British classical archaeologist, numismatist, and historian. Born, Bowden 1867. Died, Oxford 1951. Educated at Manchester Grammar School. Won a scholarship at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. MA. D.Litt. Excavated at Megalopolis, Greece, 1890-1. Master, Mill Hill School until 1893. Board of Education, 1893-1926. Deputy Keeper of Coins, Ashmolean Museum, 1931-51. Librarian, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1933-46. Worked with W. M. F. Petrie at Thebes, 1895-6, and also visited B. P. Grenfell and A. S. Hunt's excavations at Karanis. Copied Greek inscriptions, Cairo, 1899. Worked at Deir el-Bahri with C. T. Currelly, 1905-6. Treasurer, Egypt Exploration Society, 1912-19. Published extensively on the history and inscriptions of Ptolemaic and Roman Period Egypt.

Murray, Margaret Alice

  • Persona
  • 1863-1963

British Egyptologist. Born, Calcutta 1863. Died, Welwyn 1963. Entered University College London, 1894. First professional female Egyptologist. Assisted Petrie in his excavations in 1902. She also excavated at many other sites, including Malta and Petra. President of the Folk-Lore Society, 1953-5. Published widely in the fields of Egyptology and folklore.

Möller, Georg Christian Julius

  • Persona
  • 1876-1921

German Egyptologist. Born, Caracas 1876. Died, Uppsala 1921. Studied at Berlin under Erman, 1896-1900. PhD, 1900. Then excavated in Egypt and was attached to the German consulate, 1901-7. Was appointed to the staff of Berlin Museum, later becoming Assistant Director of the Egyptian collections, 1907. Habilitation, 1912. Lectured at Berlin, 1913-6, 1918-22. Professor, 1916. Excavated in Egypt, particularly at Abusir el-Melek. He was an all-round Egyptologist and produced an edition of the Rhind Demotic Bilingual Papyri, a volume on goldsmith's work in Berlin Museum, and another on Mummy Portraits, but his most important work was in the field of hieratic texts and palaeography. At the time of his death he was preparing works on the graffiti in the Hatnub quarry, hieroglyphic palaeography, and the history of the Libyans.

Nagel, Georges

  • Persona
  • 1899-1956

Swiss Egyptologist and Biblical scholar. Born, Verrières 1899. Died, Geneva 1956. Studied theology at Neuchâtel. Was taught hieroglyphs by G. Jéquier. Specialized in Old Testament Studies and Egyptology, studying in Berlin and Paris. Doctorate, 1929. Member of the IFAO excavation team working at Deir el-Medîna during 1927-9 and 1938-9, publishing a report and several articles on their work. Appointed to the chair in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies, Geneva, 1937. Administrator, Centre d'Études orientales, 1944. Published several important communications on religion.

Newberry, Essie Winifred

  • Persona
  • 1878-1953

Essie Winifred Newberry (née Johnston) married Percy Newberry on 12 February 1907. Essie shared Percy's keen interest in textiles, reflected by her involvement with the Embroiderers’ Guild, where she served as Vice President (1922-1945) and Honorary Treasurer (1935-1938). She accompanied Percy on his expeditions and lived with him in Cairo from 1929 to 1932.

Newberry, Percy Edward

  • Persona
  • 23 April 1869 - 7 August 1949

Percy Edward Newberry M.A. O.B.E. was born on 23 April 1869 and died at his home in Godalming, England on 7 August 1949. He was educated at King’s College School and King’s College, London and later mentored in the field of Egyptology by Reginald Stuart Poole of the British Museum and Francis Llewellyn Griffith. Newberry began his career at the Egypt Exploration Fund and from 1890 to 1894 headed an expedition to investigate the tombs of Middle Kingdom nomarchs at Beni Hasan and El Bersha. In 1893-4 he published a two-volume monograph Beni Hasan which remains a definitive account of the tombs there. Newberry then operated as a freelance excavator from 1895-1901, undertaking a survey of the Necropolis at Thebes. In 1902 Newberry worked on the <i>Catalogue Général</i> of Egyptian Antiquities at the Cairo Museum.

In 1906 Newberry was appointed Brunner Professor of Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, a position he held until 1919. In 1919 Newberry was appointed O.B.E. In 1923 he served as President of the Anthropological Section of the British Association and from 1926-1927 was Vice-President of the Royal Anthropological Institute. In 1929 Newberry accepted the chair of Ancient Egyptian History and Archaeology at the University of Egypt, Cairo, a post he held until 1933.

Newberry published extensively on the field of Egyptology (see Magee, Diana, 'The Egyptological Bibliography of Percy Edward Newberry (1869-1949), in <i>The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology</i>, Volume 76, 1990) as well as Botany. Notable publications include several volumes in the series of the Archaeological Survey of Egypt, two volumes in the <i>Catalogue Général</i> of the Cairo Museum and <i>Scarabs</i> (1906).

On 12 February 1907 Newberry married Essie Winifred Johnston (1878-1953). There were no children of the marriage. Although largely undocumented, Newberry was previously married from 1894 to Helena Aders who he divorced in 1904.

O'Connor, David B.

  • Persona
  • Born 1938

Australian Egyptologist. B.A. Sydney, 1958. Postgraduate Diploma, London, 1962 Ph.D. Cambridge, 1969. William Fox Albright Lecturer, 1993; Guggenheim Fellowship,1982-1983. Currently Lila Acheson Wallace Professor of Ancient Egyptian Art, Institute of Fine Arts, New York. Specialist on Ancient Egyptian art history and archaeology. Published books on Ancient Egyptian kingship and Nubia.

Parkinson, Harold

  • Persona
  • 1918-1995

Born, Shildon(? or Darlington) Co Durham 09/02/1918. Died, Darlington 27/02/1995. Trained as apprentice photographer, then as wartime airforce photographer; spent WWII in Canada and Belgium. After the war, trained at Gravesend (National Diploma in Design 1949), then at Brincliffe, Sheffield (Art Teacher Diploma 1950-51). Taught at High Storrs Grammar School, Sheffield in 1950s, then Eastbourne School, Darlington Co Durham, until retirement (late 1970s?). Married Jessie Rae Bruce (1925-1995) in 1959; one son, Richard, born 1963, whose interest in Egyptology revived his, leading to Egyptian drawings and models.

Payne, Joan Crowfoot

  • Persona
  • 1912-2002

British archaeologist and museum assistant. Born, Giza 1912. Died, England 2002. Began medical training at the London School of Medicine for Women, 1929. Uncompleted Diploma Course in Archaeology, Cambridge University, 1932-3. Excavated with her father John W. Crowfoot and other leading archaeologists, in England and Palestine. Appointed Cataloguer in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, cataloguing the whole of the Egyptian and Nubian collections, she also had a significant role in the arrangement and display of the Museums lithic collections in the Egyptian and Near Eastern galleries, 1957-79. She published many important publications on lithics as well as the <i>Catalogue of the Predynastic Egyptian Collection in the Ashmolean Museum</i> (Oxford, 1993; reprinted with addenda, 2000).

Peet, Thomas Eric

  • Persona
  • 1882-1934

British Egyptologist and archaeologist. Born, Liverpool 1882. Died, Oxford 1934. Studied Mathematics and Classics at Queen's College, Oxford. Jodrell Scholar. Craven Fellow, 1906, which enabled him to study archaeology in Rome. Pelham Student, British School in Rome, 1909. Entered Egyptology and excavated with P. E. Newberry at Abydos, and then in the Delta in 1909. Continued working at Abydos, 1909-13, at first with E. Naville, and eventually on his own. Studied Egyptian with Sir A. Gardiner and taught himself Coptic and Demotic. Lecturer in Egyptology, University of Manchester, 1913-28. Director of the Egypt Exploration Society's Excavations. Laycock Student in Egyptology, Oxford, 1923. Brunner Professor of Egyptology, Liverpool University, 1920-33. Reader and Professor designate in Egyptology, Oxford, 1933-4, but died before the appointment was confirmed. Fellow, Queen's College, Oxford, 1933. Specialised in the study and translation of papyri, especially those concerned with mathematics and Ramesside tomb robberies at Thebes. Edited the Liverpool Annals of Art and Archaeology, 1921 onwards, and the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, from 1923. Published extensively in these publications as well as many others.

Phillips, John

  • Persona
  • 1930-1999

Born, London 24/10/1930. Died, Essex 30/07/1999.
John Phillips was born in London, and after his marriage, spent the rest of his life in Essex. On his first day in Primary School he was taken into a classroom with a frieze of Egypt round the walls and was instantly and completely smitten; it was a devotion which lasted for the rest of his life and which influenced much of his work.
John was a Master Craftsman who could turn his hand to working in any material; his first job on leaving school was designing record sleeves for Decca Records; he made marquetry boxes and trays, and designed gun cases and cabinets for Asprey's as well as producing a range of designs for their wrapping paper. He also designed mosaic floors and furniture, worked in copper, carved in wood, painted World War II aircraft, produced detailed pictures of motorcycles in scraper-board, and engraved on marble and glass.
At his house in Theydon Bois he engraved a life-size figure of Horus on marble for his front porch; he also engraved on glass, in reverse and from the back, a map of the world which took up much of a wall in the dining room.
After a major stroke in 1977 he started to make jewellery, and spent the rest of his life producing exquisite pieces for his friends, mostly based on the Egyptian Gods, animals and hieroglyphs and symbols.
He had an eclectic range of interests including archery, target shooting, and the aeroplanes of World War II, and he was a voracious reader.

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